Sören: Kristof, you think I need to marry Hunter?

Kristof: Need to? I think the real question is, do you want to?

Sören: I love Hunter, & I love Avery.

Kristof: Talk to me, Sören. Talk to me the way you’re used to. Like a man.

Sören: What you want me to say?

Kristof: What are you planning?

Sören: Planning? Kristof—

Kristof: You were much too calm once we took our leave from China, Sören. We all know that you are dying because you haven’t eaten in months. You haven’t contacted any women whatsoever, you’ve been spending all of your time with Hunter & Avery like a big happy family, you’ve been cuddling & canoodling with her. You’re living like a human, Sören, & that’s not you.

Sören: I am not planning—

Kristof: Are you or are you not going to eat your daughter?

Sören: …What are you talking about?

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