Ida: Do you hear that downstairs?

Kristof: The fighting?

Ida: Yeah…I don’t want to raise Darec around that…

Kristof: It is only one fight, Ida.

Ida: For now! But what if they keep fighting? What if they don’t make up? What if one of them gets hurt too badly?

Hunter: -From downstairs- I’LL FUCKIN’ STAB YOU, BITCH!

Ida: See what I mean?

Kristof: I suppose the two of us are well off enough to buy our own home, hm?

Ida: Our own home? Like, a house?

Kristof: Yes, & we can get married there, Ida.

Ida: Are you sure that would be a good thing to do?

Kristof: If you are truly worried about our son, then yes.

Ida: Well…that’s not the only thing I’m worried about for him…

Kristof: What else?

Ida: Uh…Don’t worry about it right now! Let’s look at houses tomorrow, okay?

Kristof: Alright, honey.

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