Kristof: Are you all ready to go, sweetheart?

Ida: Yeah…

Kristof: You seem a little down. Are you not happy to be leaving?

Ida: I’m ecstatic. It just…It doesn’t feel right without Adalheid…

Kristof: We did the right thing, Ida. Adalheid was not stable anyway, & our dear friend was going to die of starvation. The man who gave us a home, the man who took care of us—

Ida: But she was my sister, Kristof. I just…I don’t feel right feeding her to him like that…

Kristof: Your sister who you barely spoke to or saw throughout your life, & when you did, it usually resulted in an argument. I believe Hunter is more of a sister than Adalheid, & she is the one you would be worried about.

Ida: Ya know…you’re right, honey.

Kristof: Come, let’s get to the house. 

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